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Old Testament Characters

Adam & Eve     Daniel in the lion's den     David is chosen     David & Goliath     The birth of Isaac   Jacob & Esau     Joseph and his many-colored coat     Joseph interprets Pharoah's Dream     The Calling of Moses     The Calling of Samuel     Solomon asks for wisdom

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Jesus' Ministry

Jesus heals the boy with epilepsy     Feeding the 5000     Jesus in Galilee     Jesus heals the lame man     Jesus teaches     Parable of the Lost Coin     Parable of the Sower     Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard     Jesus walks on Water     Turning Water into Wine

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Epic Events

The birth of Jesus     The Creation     Noah and the Flood     Israel's Idolatry     The Plague of Locusts     The Empty Tomb     The Last Supper     The Ten Commandments     The Transfiguration


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