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10/20/2004: "Pathway's Third Annual Fall Fest!"

Tonite was Pathway's Third Annual Fall Fest (look for pictures soon in the 2004 Picture Gallery).

As our church family worked and served together for the sake of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the young people that the Lord saw fit to include, I was touched by the mighty hand of God in bringing together so many wonderful adults who were ready and willing to serve Him through this event.

Help in leading games, handing out handwipes, serving snacks, assisting children in stapling their "stuffed fish" crafts together, and either helping in setting up or in cleaning up, we were blessed with a wonderful crew of people who wanted very much for boys and girls to hear of Jesus' love and give them a chance to be truly challenged with it.

Thanks to all who worked hard to increase the impact of the Fall Fest.

Thanks to Emily H. for preparing a wonderful story and lesson from the Bible!

Thanks to Kathie W. for walking the children through such a cool craft (and thanks to Kent W. for apparently helping Kathie in cutting out all those fishie templates!).

Thanks to Mary B. for all those incredible snacks (little works of art: it's a shame they had to be eaten)!

Thanks to Cathy C. for your surprise Mime presentation: truly funny!

Thanks to Chuck C. for bringing "your good friend", Isadore, to share with us as we talked about fishing in general (salmon ARE great reminders that to do what's best for us and our kids we have to SWIM UPSTREAM!)!

Thanks to Michelle B. and Diane E. for all the thoughtful ways you helped out!

Thanks especially to Diane M. who, though she could not be there tonite ('cuz the doctor says so), worked so hard for the last several weeks to make the Fall Fest such a smashing success! Organizing, preparing materials, planning, loading gift bags, helping me to get a bead on how the nite might run best, etc., etc., etc. Thanks, Diane!

And thank you, Lord, for giving us an opportunity to share with children and their parents about how much You love us and desire for us to enter into an incredible life of walking with You for eternity! May Your hand both water and tend the seeds that You sowed tonite. And may we be tools in Your hand in the cultivation of a harvest of souls into the gift of salvation You give us through Jesus Christ!

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