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03/29/2005: "What kind of church are we?"

The Kingdom of God is built by God Himself as His people yield themselves to His lordship, trust in His providence, and obey His promptings.

As I observe God building His kingdom through Pathway, it occurs to me that God’s intent for His church is that it be a church for “anybody”.

I don’t want to make the mistake of saying that we are a church for a certain kind of people, a certain age bracket, or that we are strictly “contemporary” or “traditional”.

Instead of setting all sorts of limitations upon ourselves by trying to restrict where we reach, we are a church that will allow God to define who and what we are.

Do we have a “contemporary” worship? Yep. But we so enjoy God’s blessings through old time hymns that sometimes we feel like being “traditional”.

Are we a “kids’ church”? Or are we a place that senior citizens come and are blessed as they worship with us? Well, we don’t believe it has to be an “either-or” situation. We’re not an “age-specific” congregation. Kids come. Seniors come. Couples come. Singles come.

The fact of the matter is… we’re an “anybody” church because “anybody” can come and be part. Anybody can join us on this path that we’re on. Anybody can come and worship with us.

As far as what kind of church we are… we’re a church that loves God and lets Him “add to our number daily those who are being saved” (Acts 2:47b).

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